Notes From Below Washington Ave

Pennsport is one of the oldest communities in South Philly, developed in the colonial period. It’s also the home of the Mummers, new and old restaurants and beautiful public parks.  If you’ve never crossed over Washington Avenue, you should take a walk. It’s a wonderful neighborhood with lots to offer.

Every day, Stella and I walk through Jefferson Square Park, an historic landmark with its star like patterned walkways.  We both love going there.  She can’t keep her eyes off the fat squirrels.

Then we walk past Companion Animal Hospital.  She tries to go in for a treat but I won’t let her.  Instead we head over to Dickinson Sq. Park, a three-acre area in the middle of Pennsport.  It’s been redone with a new children’s playground and is always full of kids and dogs.

Next, we pass  Grindcore House, a vegan coffee shop on Greenwich & 4th St.  Stella has been there a couple times looking for a treat, but we decide to keep moving.  Finally, after passing Federal Donuts, we head over to Mary’s house, where Stella usually gets a treat, or three. After passing Mekong River, a delicious Vietnamese restaurant on Front St., we finally head back towards Queen Village.

Pennsport is a growing community with more and more restaurants, more new construction and more renovation of older homes.  Yet it’s still affordable. Take a walk through and see for yourself.

If you’d like more information about Pennsport, give me a call, or search for Pennsport homes on my website:




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